Gold / Silver Rate Today: Gold rises sharply, silver rates exceed 70 thousand, learn 10 grams rate quickly

Gold / Silver Rate Today: Gold rises sharply, silver rates exceed 70 thousand, learn 10 grams rate quickly

On Tuesday, the second trading day of the week, there is pressure on the gold prices in the domestic markets. However, the price of silver has once crossed 70 thousand rupees per kilogram. On Tuesday, the price of Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) April Gold Rate futures has jumped 0.06 percent. Like gold, silver is also fast. The price of silver in March futures rose 0.21 percent.

Today the price of gold and silver (Gold and Silver Price on 23 February ): Quote April gold futures on the Multi Commodity Exchange on Tuesday 0.06 per cent, or 28 per cent to Rs 46,929 per 10 grams. In the international market, the price of gold rose 0.1 percent to $ 1809.57 an ounce.

March silver futures on MCX jumped by 0.21 per cent, ie Rs 147 to Rs 70,579 per kg. Gold and silver shine has increased due to weakness in US dollar.

22 carat and 24 carat gold price

According to the data available on the website of Good Returns, today 22 carat gold price is 43,950 in Chennai, 45,470 in Mumbai, 45,410 in Delhi, 45,570 in Kolkata, 43,260 in Bangalore, 45,470 in Pune, 45,770 in Ahmedabad, 45,410 in Jaipur and Lucknow and Patna. 45,470 per 10 grams.

Similarly, the price of 24 carat gold is 46,470 in Patna, 49,530 in Jaipur-Lucknow, 47,770 in Ahmedabad, 46,470 in Pune, 47,190 in Bangalore, 48,320 in Kolkata, 49,530 in Delhi, 46,470 in Mumbai and Rs 47,950 per 10 grams in Chennai.

Bullion market price on monday

Gold and silver rose on Monday amid a fall in the dollar on Monday, a sharp fall in the stock market due to a spurt in the US Bond Yield and new cases of Corona. The price of gold rose by Rs 278 per ten grams and the price of silver by Rs 265 per kg.

Bharat Bandh: know on what issue today 'India trade off' and why the business organizations divided among themselves

Bharat Bandh: know on what issue today 'India trade off' and why the business organizations divided among themselves

On Friday, on the issue of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and e-commerce, business organizations are divided over Friday's 'Bharat Trade Bandh'. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), a trade union, has called for a nationwide bandh. CAT claims that eight crore businessmen from more than 40,000 business organizations will be involved in the India trade-off. At the same time, some other trade organizations said that they are not supporting the bandh.

Kat said that the All India Transport Welfare Association representing one crore transporters has supported the bandh. The hawkers' joint action committee, the national organization of hawkers, also supported the shutdown. However, other trade organizations such as the Federation of All India Trade Chambers and the Bharatiya Udyog Vyapar Mandal said that they are not supporting the bandh. CAT general secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that 1,500 big and small organizations from all states will protest against the GST amendment. He said that essential services like drug shops, milk and vegetable shops have been kept out of the bandh.

Trade board is not in favor of bandh for some demands

At the same time, VK Bansal, National General Secretary of Federation of All India Trade Chambers said that in favor of some demands we are not in favor of closing shops. However, we believe that GST has deviated from its original objective during the last 43 months. Rakesh Yadav, general secretary of the Indian Industry Trade Board, Delhi, said that we are not supporting the bandh. He said that his organization has given memorandum to the government on issues related to GST.

Angry among traders due to changed rules

Khandelwal said that on December 22 and thereafter, several unilateral amendments were made in the GST rules, due to which there is great anger among traders across the country. Through these amendments, unlimited powers have been given to the tax authorities, in particular, now any officer can suspend or cancel the GST registration number of any trader for any reason, according to his discretion. Not only this, the tax officer can now seize the bank account and property of any trader and the important thing is that before doing this, no notice will be given to the trader and no chance of hearing will be given. What kind of rule is this? Businessmen have been denied their fundamental rights.

The new rule will increase corruption

He said that such rules will not only increase corruption but officers will be able to harass any businessman. Similarly, traders will also be deprived of taking credit for their money which is deposited with the department as input. Apart from this, there are many other rules in which the businessman is denied fundamental rights. He said whether such laws are justified in democracy? He stressed that we support the government's action against those who are not following the law, but the history of the last 75 years shows that whenever the authorities were given such rights, the oppression of traders across the country Has been done. In this sense, there is a lot of concern and resentment among the traders about these amendments.

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