Google Chrome URL Bar on iPhones Can Now Be Moved to the Bottom: The Way Is

It is now possible for iPhone users to move the Chrome address bar to the bottom of the screen while using Google Chrome. This modification corresponds with a tweak Apple made to the design of Safari earlier this year.

Although the functionality was first seen in an early alpha version of the browser this year, it is now being widely released. As per a MacRumors article, users of Chrome for iOS have the ability to personalize the location of the URL bar inside the UI. They may choose to have it at the top or bottom, depending on their preference.

This capability was added by US tech giant Google in response to many requests from Chrome users.


– Users may choose the option to “Move address bar to the bottom” by performing a long press on the Chrome address bar.

– To adjust the bar’s location, users may also go to the Settings menu and choose “address bar.”

Google is formally introducing the functionality a few years after Apple debuted a feature like to it in iOS 15 for its Safari browser.

In the meanwhile, Google released upgrades and new accessibility capabilities for Chrome, Maps, and Search to make everyday activities simpler and quicker for users.

Google Maps and Search now have a new identification characteristic for the disability community that gives consumers more information about a company and gives businesses the choice to self-identify as a member of the community.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality, Lens in Maps (previously known as Search with Live View) enables users to utilize their phone’s camera to find new locations and get their bearings in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

In order to improve accessibility and utility for those with limited vision or blindness, Lens in Maps will soon support screen readers on iOS devices beginning this Tuesday and Android devices later in the year.


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