Google is going to shut down 16 years old service, know how you can be harmed

Google is going to shut down 16 years old service, know how you can be harmed

Search giant Google is soon going to shut down its 16 year old service in India. The name of this service is Google Bookmarks which will be closed for all users on 30 September 2021. A banner running on the page of Google Bookmarks reads that Google Bookmarks will not be supported after September 30, 2021. That's why the company is asking users to export the bookmarks. Users
can copy their data by going to and clicking on 'Export Bookmarks'.

Even though Bookmarks is not a very popular service, but after its closure, some features present in Google Maps may be affected, which is still present in Google Bookmarks. Both these apps were in sync but turning off Google Bookmarks meant that the users 'Starred' location would also be deleted. However, things have not been completely clear about it so far. According to 9to5Google, one way for users is to switch the list that Maps saves these places to sync only with 'Starred' list bookmarks.

How to save a place on Google Maps using a computer

Google Maps allows users to add their favorite places to a list that can be viewed later. For this, you have to open Google Map by clicking or searching by setting Business, Place or Latitude and Longitude and then save your list. Only users can find saved places.

How to Save Places from Other Websites

If a website has a map embedded from Google Maps, then you can save it on Google Maps. For this, click on the website and to remove the information of the place, click on that place on the map and then click on save and select the list. Your star and website name will appear on your desktop and mobile apps.

If you also have Android or iPhone, then with the help of this simple trick, you can give a befitting reply to the hackers.

If you also have Android or iPhone, then with the help of this simple trick, you can give a befitting reply to the hackers.

If a user has an iPhone or Android phone, then he sometimes fears that his phone can be hacked. But today we have brought such a simple trick for you, with the help of which a hacker cannot harm you. With the help of this trick, your smartphone will be safe and will never be in danger of anyone. The biggest danger from hackers is the loss of data or the deletion of all the photos.

Let us tell you that all mobile phone users have the bank username and password in their phone. In such a situation, everyone pays daily. At the same time, your private data is also saved every hour. Hackers take advantage of this and steal your data, secret messages, contacts and photos. During this, without you knowing, they can also turn on the camera and microphone of your smartphone. All this can be done without clicking on any link and without talking to anyone.

We call this hacking Zero Click Exploits. In this, there is a lot of danger from the hackers side. State Bank of India, Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and every company have warned their users about this and said that they should always be cautious during the transaction. Although here you can always give a befitting reply to the hackers. This trick has come directly from US government departments.

US Senator Angus King, a member of the secret Senate Intelligence Committee, handles some very sensitive documents and other data as he also oversees the CIA and the NSA. The sensitive nature of his job drives him to know national security and other government secrets. Hence, he has a great reason to worry about the security of his mobile phone.

Now, the secret agency people have come up with the best solution for the senator to save his mobile phone. The security staff gave him some advice on how to keep his smartphone safe from hackers. For this, he told some tricks.

1. Here you have to turn off your phone.

2. After this, you have to turn it back on.

3. While doing this, you have to wait for 10 seconds and once every week you will have to switch off your phone.

4. By doing this hackers will not be able to steal any of your data. This is the easiest and oldest method.

5. With the help of this trick, cybercriminals will not be able to get away from you, but yes, you are in very little danger by doing so.