Google will produce Pixel phones in India, with the first model going on sale in 2024

On Thursday, Google said that it will produce Pixel smartphones in India, including the most recent Pixel 8 google will produce pixel phones in india with the first model going on sale in 20

The announcement was made in New Delhi at the ninth Google for India event. In 2024, the first Pixel gadgets built in India will hit the market.

“It is a first step toward increasing our local manufacturing to fulfill the demand for pixel devices in this area. Furthermore, it represents a significant advancement in Google’s commitment to Make-in-India, according to Rick Osterloh, head of devices at Google.

It should be mentioned that Google and HP have teamed together to begin producing inexpensive HP Chromebooks in India. They use Google’s ChromeOS operating system, which will be less expensive than laptops that run Windows or Mac OS.

According to the most recent figures, Google built around 9 million Pixel phones last year using factories in China and Vietnam.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology, who was also present at the ceremony, emphasized the impressive development of electronic manufacturing in India during the last ten years. He emphasized the importance of Google’s choice to produce Pixel smartphones in India, noting that the country’s mobile phone manufacturing industry has grown to a sizeable USD 44 billion.

Just one year after the policy’s release, he said, production at India’s first semiconductor facility had also started.




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