Here are the 20 new features that YouTube has added

To improve the user experience, Google-owned YouTube is introducing a new set of features and design changes to its site. More control, simpler navigation, and a contemporary animated style are all benefits of the new features.

Over the next several weeks, these new modifications will progressively be made available to all YouTube viewers worldwide.


– Stable Volume: Available as of right now, stable volume will be automatically enabled to lessen abrupt volume changes and enhance overall viewing and listening experiences.

– Press to 2x: It’s now simpler to view movies in double time if you’re one of the people who like doing so. The business claims that you can instantly increase your playback speed to 2x whether viewing a movie in full screen or portrait mode by just pressing and holding down anywhere on the player.

The web, tablets, and mobile devices will all support this capability.

– Find information quickly: YouTube is introducing larger preview thumbnails. According to the business, “We’re also making it easier for you to change your mind. If you start looking and decide you want to go back, move your finger to where you started and lift when you feel a vibration; We’ll snap you back to the exact part of the video where you left off.”

– Lock screen: In order to help users lock their screens and ward against unauthorized intrusions, YouTube is now introducing a lock screen for mobile devices and tablets.

– You Tab: The Library tab and account page have been combined to create a new home called You tab where you can find your previously viewed videos, playlists, downloads, and purchases as well as your account-related settings and channel information. This change was made to make it more intuitive to find all of your YouTube content in one location.

The You tab has replaced the Library tab on desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms as of today.

– Voice or song search: Users may now look for a song by playing, singing, or humming it. To match the sound to the original audio, the business is employing AI. In the next weeks, the functionality will become accessible, and for the time being, it will only work with Android smartphones.

– Animations: When content producers invite viewers to “like” or “subscribe,” a visual signal on those buttons will now display in time with the video. And once they press that button, they will be rewarded with a subdued eruption of amusing sparkles.

“Top comments rotate automatically so you can see the greatest community opinion. And to highlight how many other users are engaged with newly uploaded videos, we included a new animation that updates the view count and like count in real time during the first 24 hours, the business stated.

YouTube on SmartTVs: The business claims that on Smart TVs, viewers may locate information about a video they are viewing in a new vertical menu, giving it a cleaner appearance. To access the new menu, they need just click on the video’s title. A scrollable description section is also being added to the web and mobile versions.

The business is also introducing comparable upgrades for online and mobile, such as a scrollable description section with a more appealing layout.