How can you enjoy the benefits of having your old car scrapped? For more information, see this link

According to the Road Transport Ministry, voluntary car disposal may reduce emissions from traffic pollution by 15% to 20%. Notwithstanding the financial benefits for consumers, there are two obstacles preventing a quicker adoption rate: a lack of knowledge and sufficient disposal facilities throughout the nation. How simple is it to get my car scrapped if I want to? Data as of the end of 2023 shows that 49,770 vehicles have been scrapped to far under the Vehicle Scrapping Policy, and 44 registered vehicle scrapping facilities are operating throughout 15 states. Calls to a few well-known dealerships in Maharashtra and western India went unanswered.

The majority of salespeople provided sufficient information on how to sell the automobile to well-known used car players, and many of them were not even aware of the voluntary vehicle scrapping rules. Nonetheless, inquiries to some dealers situated in northern India were far more fruitful since the majority of these registered scraping centers are located in and around Delhi.

“Any dealership, technically, if they have users coming to them with the request for scrapping, they are supposed to direct them and assist the user,” says Vivek Datta, MD and CEO of Globe Toyota. He said that after their verification, the government has approved selected suppliers. The consumers may then provide this certificate when registering for a new automobile to obtain the tax benefit, he said. “The only ones who are authorised to dispose-off and issue a certificate, which is acceptable to the government.”

Nonetheless, Datta emphasized that “it’s more of the execution from the government’s point of view” in response to questions about consumer confusion and the relatively low adoption rate. In the event that the automobile is being demolished, they have designated certain authorized merchants who may provide a certificate straight to the purchaser. He thinks that throughout the following year, the “trend will see a rapid growth.” This tendency will undoubtedly catch up quickly. Every “authorized car dealer can give details of the vendors who are authorised to scrap,” in his words.



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