How One Guy Created An Own 3D Game Using OpenAI's GPT-4

How One Guy Created An Own 3D Game Using OpenAI's GPT-4

When it was released last year, ChatGPT, which is built on OpenAI's GPT 3.5 paradigm, garnered media attention. The business is opening up new avenues with the model with the release of GPT-4, their next-generation generative AI model. According to The Indian Express, Javi Lopez, a Twitter user, has created a full-fledged 3D game using GPT-4 that closely resembles the well-known video game Doom.

Although it is possible to produce some important material, Javi advises readers to keep their expectations in control. Also, in order to utilize GPT-4, you must be a member of ChatGPT Plus, which was only made available to consumers in India.

"Just request that They make a game in the "Doom" vein. You may instruct it to stop giving explanations or making remarks if you prefer a brief request, Javi said in a tweet.

He then proceeded to put the code produced by ChatGPT into an HTML/JavaScript editor and hit the run button. It's probable that the first version you get will be in 2D, but Javi added that all we need to do is politely ask ChatGPT for a code that turns the game into 3D.

While the first results may seem unimpressive, Javi advises that you can improve the game's visual appeal by asking GPT to include things like "color walls" in the code. Also, "if you give yourself enough time, you may add adversaries, weapons, and other elements to improve the game."

It seems that this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the opportunities that GPT-4 provides.

Microsoft just reaffirmed that GPT-4 powers the new Bing. The business said on its blog, "We are glad to announce that the new Bing is working on GPT-4, which we've tailored for search. Hence, if you have previously used the new Bing, you have already used the preview version.