How WhatsApp Now Allows You to Transfer Chats Using QR Code Between Phones

With the use of a QR code and local storage rather than the cloud, WhatsApp, Meta’s instant messaging service, now offers a quicker and more secure option to move conversations from an old phone to a new one.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, said on Instagram that WhatsApp users would soon be able to move their messages across devices (only those running the same OS). He said that doing this would enable users to transfer their communications “more privately without your chats ever leaving your devices.”

In the video posted on the Meta Channel, a user may quickly move conversations across Android devices by scanning a QR code. As a result, there is no requirement for external applications and data is sent locally rather than across the cloud. Both devices need to be linked to the same local Wi-Fi network for this to operate.

Follow these steps to transfer chats using this method:

Open WhatsApp on your old phone, go to Settings > Chats > Chat transfer, and link both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
A new QR code will now appear.
To complete the conversation data transfer, you must scan this QR code from the new device you wish to use for your chats.

WhatsApp has now made it possible to move conversations locally inside the same operating system for the first time. While cloud-based conversation transmission has always been the standard, consumers will undoubtedly find this new, speedier option useful.




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