Ilya Sutskever, Chief Scientist of OpenAI, Dies: What Sam Altman Says About Him

Ilya Sutskever, the principal scientist of OpenAI, passed away last week, leaving a significant hole in the team. Social media was used to spread the word about the upgrade, and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was eager to commend a close friend for her hard work and intelligence. This week, he expressed his gratitude by writing a post on X in which he also welcomed the incoming head scientist at OpenAI, who will succeed Sutskever in his role.

“Ilya and OpenAI will no longer work together. Ilya is unquestionably one of the brightest minds of our time, a pioneer in our industry, and a close friend; therefore, I’m extremely sorry to hear this. His warmth and compassion are less generally recognized but no less significant than his genius and vision.

Without him, OpenAI would not exist as it does now. I will always be appreciative of what he accomplished here, and although he is going off to focus on something personally important, I promise to see through the task we began together. I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend so much time with someone who was truly brilliant and so committed to securing the greatest possible future for mankind.

We are going to have Jakub as our new chief scientist. I’m glad Jakub is taking over here since he is undoubtedly one of the brightest brains of our time. He has overseen a number of our most significant initiatives, and I have full confidence that he will guide us in achieving our goal of making sure that everyone benefits from AGI quickly and safely.

Just a few days after OpenAI unveiled the new ChatGPT 4o, which has evolved to provide you with real-time translations and more, the timing of his departure has folks curious. Altman and Sutskever have been friends for a long time, and you can learn about their relationship from his letter to the departing head scientist of OpenAI.

Sutskever, however, has spoken about the honor of working with the OpenAI team and is now planning to work on a project that has special value for him. These two were allegedly engaged in Altman’s termination from OpenAI, where Sutskever was said to have planned his dismissal. However, this was later denied, and Altman is now leading the firm into the next phase of artificial intelligence with Microsoft’s support.

Additionally, according to reports, OpenAI and Apple may work together to enable ChatGPT to be used on iPhones and iOS platforms later this year.

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