In light of local developments, Adani Ports creates a business continuity plan for Israel’s Haifa Port

The organization in charge of running Israel’s Haifa Port, Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd., has taken preemptive measures to protect its operations in the face of continuing changes in the country’s southern area. Adani Ports is doing all in its power to secure the security and continuation of its services at Haifa Port, which is located in the north and is essential to the business’ in light of local developments adani ports creates a business continuity plan for

Stakeholders and the general public were informed by an Adani Ports spokesman that the company’s first priority is the safety of all of its workers, who are all presently on the job. They stressed the company’s constant watchfulness and preparedness, which are supported by a strong business continuity strategy built to handle any unexpected situations that could develop.

In terms of the overall effect on the operations of Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd., the Haifa Port provides around 3% of the total volume of cargo. The business has forecast a cargo volume range of 10–12 million metric tons (MMT) for Haifa for the next fiscal year, which runs from April 2023 to March 2024. Their more general estimate is for a total cargo volume range from 370 to 390 MMT, and this projection is a component of it.

From April to September 2023, the first six months of the current fiscal year, Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd. handled a total cargo volume of almost 203 MMT, with Haifa Port contributing about 6 MMT of this number. The corporation expressed confidence in its overall business success despite the difficulties and uncertainties in the area.

Continuity of operations at Haifa Port and employee safety are priorities for Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd. While keeping a positive attitude on their company, they are actively watching the situation and have a well-prepared business continuity plan in place to handle any possible interruptions.


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