India-made iPhones are now available

Numerous Apple fans in India had an epiphany on Friday when they began getting ‘Make in India’ iPhone 15 and even locally-assembled 15 Plus at Apple Saket in New Delhi and Apple BKC in Mumbai — along with at other Apple Authorized resellers outlets — amid huge lines that had been forming since early in the india made iphones are now available 94492364 11zon

Hundreds of individuals who had pre-ordered those waited in line early to collect their smartphones at the Apple retail locations in both Delhi and Mumbai.

“Getting a 15-inch ‘Make in India’ iPhone was fantastic. Such a sense of pride. After pre-ordering my iPhone on Apple Online, I waited impatiently until this day, said Divyam, 21, who traveled from Faridabad to the Apple Saket shop.

A number of consumers were also spotted holding boxes for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, further demonstrating the country’s growing premiumization tendency.

At Apple BKC, there were also lengthy lines, and the store personnel praised the first purchasers of the new iPhones and Watch Series 9.

Apple saw a roughly 50% increase in pre-orders this time for the iPhone 15 series, which it began distributing to Indian customers together with the locally produced iPhone 15 Plus and ‘Make in India’ iPhone 15.

Apple has made further gains in the Indian smartphone industry, which is also fueled by an increase in first-time users switching from the Android environment to the Apple ecosystem and a youthful, ambitious population, as seen by the fact that pre-orders for the iPhone 14 series have doubled from last year.

CyberMedia Research’s findings show that non-Pro versions made up more than 85% of shipments of the iPhone 14 series.

According to Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group, CMR, “this year, the iPhone 15 stands out with significant enhancements, such as the dynamic island and a 48MP camera, making it an attractive choice for upgraders and even potential switchers.”

Premium iPhones are becoming more and more available to the country’s middle class customers because to easier access to financing and higher resale value.

According to Neil Shah, research vice president at Counterpoint Research, “with iPhone 15 base version now being made in India from the start, if Apple decides to make the pricing of the new iPhones more attractive in the coming months, it could have a blockbuster Diwali season.”

The fact that the iPhone is one of the most desirable smartphones, along with the significant feature boost for the iPhone 15 series, is enticing those users who are becoming more and more “smartphone dependent” to upgrade to the best, Shah said.

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are being assembled by Foxconn at its Sriperumbudur factory in Tamil Nadu.

It is another first for the nation that both ‘Make in India’ iPhones will also be shipped to foreign nations.

According to projections, the expanded ‘Make in India’ program would cause the iPhone 15 shipments in the launch quarter, which precedes the significant holiday season in India, to be over 65%.


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