Intel is developing ChatGPT-like applications for users: Examine

The AI boom is apparently catching up with practically every tech business, particularly competitor chipmakers like Nvidia and Broadcom. Chipmaker Intel is reportedly collaborating with numerous consulting companies to create ChatGPT-type applications for clients.

Additionally, Intel is reportedly selling its specialist AI app-building tools straight to business clients, according to a story in The Information that cited sources.

According to the article, “Intel started the project with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) earlier this year but has added additional consulting-firm partners.”

Intel has not yet responded to the allegations.

BCG and Intel announced a strategic partnership in May of this year to enable generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) using end-to-end Intel AI hardware and software. This partnership will enable enterprise clients to access fully custom and proprietary solutions while maintaining the security of their sensitive data in isolated, trusted environments.

Employees at BCG were able to obtain and summarize information via semantic search that had previously been buried in lengthy lists of multi-page papers thanks to a unique natural language chatbot interface powered by Intel AI hardware and software.

“In order for enterprises to safely benefit from the technology, generative AI requires a truly democratized approach that enables more secure and scalable choice,” said Sandra Rivera, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center and AI Group.

In a previous statement, Rivera said, “Our partnership with BCG enables us to assist clients in developing generative AI applications that necessitate technology optimized throughout the whole stack entirely inside their selected security perimeter.”

In the midst of an AI drive, Intel is purportedly getting ready for Windows 12 with its Meteor Lake desktop platform, hinting to a “Windows refresh” for 2024.

When the 5th generation of Intel Xeon processors are released on December 14, they will provide the world’s data centers a mix of quicker memory and performance enhancements while using the same amount of power, according to a recent corporate preview.

According to Intel, artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing about the “Siliconomy,” a new period of worldwide development propelled by the magic of silicon and software in which AI computers will rule our lives.