List of Companies That Are Not Too Far Behind Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon in Terms of “Brand Value”

Among the most valuable brands in the world are Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Not only do these companies still rule the IT industry, but they often rank among the most powerful and influential in the world, taking the top rankings.

These brands continue to be ranked #1 on Interbrand’s list of the Best Global Brands 2023. Let’s examine the leading IT companies with the highest growth and brand the reasons behind the 1917 discontinuation of silver coins after more than a cent


Apple: With a 4% increase from the previous year, the iPhone manufacturer is the most valuable brand, taking the top place. It is one of the most lucrative companies in the internet sector and produces tools that support creatives and aspirational goods.

The firm that created Windows and the well-known Office suite, Microsoft, is ranked second overall in the Best Global Brands 2023 rankings. Although the rank has not changed from the previous year, it has grown steadily at a pace of 14%.

Third place goes to Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth that is renowned for creating some of the most cutting-edge technology, such the Kindle E-reader and the Alexa-powered Echo series.

Google: If any firm has improved our quality of life, it’s Google. It offers the best internet tools, but it also makes notable advancements in artificial intelligence and phone technology with its Pixel series of smartphones. Rising 3%, it holds the fourth position on the list.

Samsung, one of the few Asian brands in the top five on Interbrand’s ranking, is the well-known South Korean company behind the Galaxy smartphone range. It is now ranked fifth.

Even though it’s not as well-known or flashy as some of the others, Cisco is a major player in making a lot of things that happen in and around internet connection possible. Cisco is ranked fifteenth on the list.

Instagram: Due to the widespread usage of Reels and its generally user-friendly layout, this social networking site is particularly popular with young people. Instagram continues to be the most popular platform for users to share photos, stories, and other content related to their life. It is ranked 16th in terms of landmark purchases ever made and was purchased by Meta for a mere $1 billion.

Adobe: Some of the most widely used software in the world is its suite of tools for creative professionals, which includes Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. The manufacturer of these instruments has the 17th position on Interbrand’s ranking.

IBM: With a 2% growth rate, IBM is still one of the leading providers of cloud services and cognitive solutions worldwide, ranking as the 18th top global brand.

Oracle: With a $34,622 million brand value, Oracle is ranked 19th on the list. mostly engaged in the fields of computer infrastructure and cloud computing.


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