McDonald’s declares, “Use only milk-based real cheese,” in response to the Maharashtra FDA’s accusation that the fast food chain utilizes vegetable oil

NEW DELHI: In the face of accusations that they use imitation cheese, McDonald’s said they use genuine cheese and emphasized their dedication to providing high-quality meals and transparent ingredient lists.

“Amid recent reports about the removal of ‘Cheese’ from our menu at McDonald’s locations in Maharashtra, we want to assure our valued customers that only genuine, high-quality cheese is used in all our cheese-containing products,” said a statement issued by McDonald’s India (West & South).

Working together with vendors Following international guidelines guarantees that the cheese we serve is of the highest caliber and does not include any cheese substitutes. We are awaiting the final explanation from the appropriate authorities and are actively interacting with them on this matter. We have always complied with all relevant food regulations and have always followed strict food standards. We are steadfast in our resolve to provide our clients tasty, premium meals and in being open about the products we use.”

The Maharashtra FDA suspended the license of a McDonald’s restaurant in Ahmednagar on Thursday after learning that fake cheese was being used in the burgers and nuggets. The business responded by removing the word “cheese” from a number of products at the impacted store. The FDA is pushing for a state-wide and maybe even nationwide adoption of the remedial procedures, pushing McDonald’s to go beyond the particular outlet.

McDonald’s said that they only use genuine, high-quality cheese on Twitter, officially known as X, and emphasized their dedication to ingredient transparency and high-quality meals. Nevertheless, further examination of these assertions via impartial investigations or legal action could be necessary to determine their veracity. The course of events will dictate how McDonald’s responds to the FDA’s concerns.

FDA commissioner Abhimanyu Kale told TOI that leaving out information this important is plainly deceptive to customers and may have negative health effects.

“Our police searched the area and could not locate any references to cheese equivalents. Products labeled as “cheese nuggets,” “cheesy dip,” and “cheese burger” were being sold without disclosing that the cheese was an alternative,” he said. The majority of other fast-food burger and pizza restaurants may be engaging in the same behavior. We also want to look into these chains.”

In a December letter to the FDA, McDonald’s said that they had renamed the items by taking the term “cheese” out. Among other things, they rebranded McCheese veggie burger as cheddar delight veggie burger, blueberry cheese cake as blueberry cake, and cheesy nuggets as veggie nuggets. The new names are being displayed at a select locations in Santacruz, Kurla, and Bhendi Bazar.

However, Mc Donald’s denied using stand-ins when TOI called the business on Thursday. “Regarding the removal of the word ‘cheese’ from our menu at McDonald’s stores in Maharashtra, we want to reassure our customers that we use only real, quality cheese in all our products containing cheese.”

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