Moonlighting: What is Moonlighting? Whose fast-growing trend; Crisis on data privacy of tech companies

Moonlighting: What is Moonlighting? Whose fast-growing trend; Crisis on data privacy of tech companies

In the era of the worldwide corona epidemic, a new trend spread rapidly among employed people. There were many effective reasons behind the rapid spread of this trend, but before knowing them, let us know what was this trend after all. And now why this trend is facing problems like moonlighting. In this article, we will know what is Moonlighting.

When the Kovid-19 infection took the whole world in its lap, then the only way to control it was lockdown. In such a situation, you were compelled to stay in your own homes, then the trend of work from home started on a large scale. Companies allowed people to work while staying at home. This method of working is also called remote working. But some people also took the wrong advantage of this facility given to them, which is called Moonlighting.

what is moonlighting
Moonlighting is called the situation when an employee starts working in another company along with his full-time permanent job. This condition is technically called moonlighting. Moonlighting is a matter of concern for IT companies because employees of their company will work in their rival company along with their regular job. So it will affect its productivity, as well as may pose a threat to the data privacy of both companies.

Wipro took action against 300 employees
On Wednesday, tech giant Wipro informed about the removal of about 300 employees who came under the purview of Moonlighting. The company's chairman Rishad Premji has given information about the removal of employees by tweeting. He has said in a statement that he stands by his comments regarding Moonlighting and that it is a complete breach of allegiance to the company. Speaking at the National Conference of the All India Management Association (AIMA), Premji said that the reality is that today there are people who are working for Wipro as well as rival companies. We have traced 300 such employees in the last few months. against whom action has been taken.

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