HDFC ERGO declares its commitment to creating an inclusive India

With the introduction of the Love All program, India’s top non-life insurance provider, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company, demonstrates its commitment to creating an inclusive nation.

The company has been focusing on creating an inclusive work environment by using the innate understanding that diversity in talents, dietary habits, ethnicity, language, and other areas is a natural part of being a citizen of this nation.
Aiming to harness this variety with a single language that all citizens of the nation can understand, the Love All campaign has been shown as a video.

The meta-emotion of love is what makes this possible. It is appealing to recognize that love is an emotion that makes it possible to make room for everyone, without any prejudice, either conscious or unconscious.
Joint Managing Director of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Anuj Tyagi said during the initiative’s launch that “Inclusion today has gone beyond a mandate of Human Resources and is now a priority for organization to cement their status as future ready.”

At HDFC ERGO, our dedication to inclusivity has paid off in the shape of a more gender-balanced workforce with a diverse range of skills and representation from throughout the nation. Additionally, we have created a work environment that transcends identification and promotes ideas and proposals based on merit, enabling everyone to succeed there. Our commitment to shattering stereotypes and promoting an inclusive workplace is demonstrated by our industry-first initiatives, such as the hiring of women motor surveyors and the formation of an all-women cluster of Digital Offices, which are run by lone employees and promote insurance inclusion to the last mile. In keeping with this, our Love All is distinct and subtle in order to express the voices of many cohorts, emphasizing empathy as the cornerstone of the future.

As part of its commitment to equity and inclusivity, HDFC ERGO has led a number of programs, most notably Project Purple and Project Shakti. Project Purple provides possibilities for people with exceptional abilities by establishing a friendly and empowering atmosphere that values their distinctive qualities, whereas Project Shakti focuses on promoting equal opportunity for women coworkers in the workplace.
The Love All project was introduced via a multiplatform media campaign that included print, web, and television. The company has also developed a modified version of the movie with voiceovers explaining each scene for those who are blind or visually challenged. In order to raise awareness among staff members about this project, the company has devised a unique card game and placed braille-enabled posters in strategic locations. These initiatives serve as excellent discussion starters that help push diversity and inclusion to the last mile.
HDFC ERGO extends an invitation to other Indian corporates to participate in the Love All effort via this open source movement. By democratizing the usage of its resources, the Company is opening up this inclusive movement to the public. The Love All cards, the Love All playbook, and the Love All posters that make up the inclusion kit will all be available for free download. Corporates may utilize these resources to promote diversity and inclusion in their particular organizations by customizing them with their company logo and identity, printing them, and using them.
Below is a taste of the enthusiasm that is driving this movement.

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