Never Trust Newspaper Articles: The Chief Justice’s Opinion In The Adani-Hindenburg Case

Delhi, New: The capital markets regulator SEBI’s inquiry into the Hindenburg case was not warranted to be transferred to a Special inquiry Team (SIT), the Supreme Court said Thursday. The court’s decision to reject the OCCRP study headed by George Soros as grounds for rejecting the regulator’s investigation was a win for the Adani company.


The Chief Justice of India’s most famous remarks about the Adani-Hindenburg dispute are listed below:
– “The government of India and the Sebi to look into if there is any infraction of law by the Hindenburg report on short selling and if so, take action in accordance with law.”

“Out of 22 issues, 20 have investigations concluded by SEBI. We instruct SEBI to conclude the probe in the other two instances in three months, considering the Solicitor General’s guarantee.”

“Only extraordinary circumstances may be used to transfer an inquiry. These authorities cannot be used without strong arguments.”

“It is uninspiring to rely on media articles and outside organizations to criticize the statutory regulator. They may be seen as inputs, but they don’t provide enough proof to call into question the SEBI inquiry.”

“Public interest jurisprudence was developed to give ordinary citizens access before concluding.” Petitions that depend only on unverified claims and insufficient investigation will not be granted.”


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