New Features Launched by Telegram Include Stories for Channels, Sticker Reactions, and More

The well-known messaging service Telegram has introduced a number of new features to improve user engagement. The firm is enhancing its Stories feature, which was first made available to premium customers earlier this year and subsequently to everyone in August.

Reaction stickers and your own music may now be added to your Stories, and a new View Once feature allows you to transmit images and videos that vanish after being watched.Here are all the updates to Telegram.

Channels’ Stories

By giving their favorite channels boosts, Telegram users will be able to “grant” them the opportunity to submit tales. Telegram Premium now comes with one boost by default, which users may assign to any channel they like.

According to Telegram, “channels can level up as they gain more boost,” and for each level attained, they are able to publish one extra tale per day to the story feeds of their followers.

Stories with Reaction Stickers

Now, users of Telegram may respond to articles using stickers. You can check how many people responded to each article with which emoji by looking at the response counter that is shown underneath the stories that channels publish. Each article may have one response sticker added by anybody, while Premium subscribers have a limit of five.

Put some music in your stories.

Users will be able to include their own voiceovers or musical tracks into their narrative. Users must go to the sticker panel, hit “Audio,” choose a file, then edit the track to choose any area to add custom audio to.

Once-On-One Media

You can now limit how long your photographs and videos remain accessible after you transmit them with a new feature in Telegram. Simply press the media editor in any one-on-one conversation to choose the duration of the image or video, which may range from one view to thirty seconds. It will be permanently erased after the recipient has opened it.

Account Alerts

Even while Telegram already notifies you when a user signs in from a new device, it is now going one step further in terms of security by giving you a notification right at the top of your chat list.


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