Northeast India: Industry Demands Government Intervention as Domestic Airfares Exceed Thailand Flights

Travel firms and hotel owners expressed dismay that domestic tickets to pristine sites in the northeast cost more than airfares to Thailand, and they requested the government to step in.

As of December 1, the one-way cost of ticket from Delhi to Bangkok was Rs 11,470, while travel brokers reported that the cost of airfares from Delhi to Shillong was around Rs 14, mamaearths robust q2 results saw it hit the 20 upper circuit jefferies predicts a

At the Wednesday B2B meeting at the International Tourism Mart, this was thoroughly explored. Travel industry executives from every Northeast state concurred that flights from Delhi/Mumbai to Bangkok are less expensive than those to Shillong, Agartala, or any other state capital in the area. “We recognize that this is a result of the volume of tourists visiting Bangkok. A travel operator headquartered in Guwahati said, “We want the Indian government to step in and put a cap on this because it is unfair that domestic fares are more expensive than international destinations.”

While 15 more projects are being created under Swadesh Darshan (SD) 2.0, the Union tourism ministry has sanctioned nearly Rs 1,300 crore for 16 projects in the northeast area under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme, according to authorities. In the northeast, a total of fifteen tourist locations are being considered for development under SD 2.0. One of the main reasons people travel is for religious reasons, they said.

Under SD 2.0, Meghalaya has been given two projects, Sohra and Shillong, whereby investments of up to Rs 50 crore are expected. According to them, the PRASHAD Scheme has authorized eight projects totaling Rs 256.45 crore by the government for the integrated development of designated pilgrimage sites in the northeastern states.

The creation of 22 views at a cost of Rs 44.44 crore has also been approved by the ministry of tourism in order to provide top-notch infrastructure and associated services for the highway network, including commercial spaces, logistic parks, and traveler amenities like roadside amenities (WSA) in the area. According to them, a large number of the projects approved under the SD 1.0 and PRASHAD plans have already been finished and dedicated to the public.

As a result, authorities said that 16 airports in the northeast now provide access to popular tourist locations, reflecting a significant growth in air connectivity in recent years. Officials said that 53 tourist routes, of which 10 are just for the northeast, are now operating under the Ministry of Aviation’s RCS-UDAN Scheme.

Additionally, the northeast currently has seven states connected by railroads, and rail connection in the area has grown.

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