One-third of consumers make discretionary purchases online

According to a research by public policy think tank Empower India, over one-third of online consumers are now utilizing ecommerce as their main channel for spending on necessities and discretionary items. This indicates that online shopping is expanding quickly.


A substantial preference for online purchasing was found in the poll of 69,000 e-commerce consumers, with 37% of women and 63% of males expressing a preference for digital transactions. Approximately 36% of online shoppers only utilize e-commerce websites.

The convenience of home delivery (82%), together with the simplicity of locating desired items (67%) and the hassle-free return/refund procedure (61%), is the reason for the spike in popularity for e-commerce platforms.

Regarding necessities like food, 41% of respondents said they trusted Amazon the most, with Big Basket coming in second (28%). According to the survey, customers who purchase online need to be guaranteed prompt, safe delivery that is free from theft or damage, as well as real-time shipment tracking information. 72% of customers believe that Amazon is the most trustworthy site for discretionary purchases.

“It is evident that a significant portion of citizens prefer online shopping, and ecommerce players in India have a lot of work ahead of them to gain significant traction,” said K Giri, Secretary General of Empower India.

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