Rajeev Chandrasekhar: India Tech Stack Adoption Could Save Nations Billions

Rajeev Chandrasekhar: India Tech Stack Adoption Could Save Nations Billions

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the electronics and IT minister, said on Tuesday that other nations may save billions of dollars and speed up their digitalization process by adopting India's technological stack, which includes Co-Win, digital payments, and unique identifier technologies.

As part of its duties as the G20 Presidency, the government intends to approach various nations with a technological stack and expects Indian entrepreneurs and system integrators to benefit from the effort.

Chandrasekhar said the government will not charge a fee for providing the technology platform, but the action is expected to help Indian startups and system integrators engage with foreign nations to aid them in the adoption of the locally developed technology platforms. The first-ever India Stack Developer Conference will take place on Wednesday.

"Tomorrow is the first investment, similar to the Developers Conference. It will take place every year. It will be a gathering of the designers of our platforms. To guarantee that the India stack is widely adopted and disseminated for citizens across the globe and most definitely for citizens in all of the country, startup, system integrator will meet with foreign government authorities and state government officials from around the country "said Chandrasekhar.

More than 100 digital leaders from business, government, academia, startups, and unicorns are expected by the government. Participants from the G20 Secretariat and member nations have also been invited.

The minister stated, "By holding these developer conferences, we are fostering an ecosystem of startups that can further drive innovation around the India stack and also help other countries and other governments adopt the India stack in a very inexpensive manner without having to pay millions and billions of dollars, which governments used to pay in the past for big companies to come and create the solution.

In a sense, he said, India is assisting other nations who are smaller, less developed, or that have been denied access to the digital potential for a number of years in their efforts to digitise as their economies continue to advance in an extremely quick pace.

"We anticipate that a lot of nations will ratify the India technology stack at the next World Government Summit in Abu Dhabi in February. That's what we plan to accomplish in February, and the process will continue all year long. Many nations in Africa and other regions of the globe, including Europe and Asia, may greatly benefit from the India stack "added the minister.

India has previously agreed to several international nations' adoption of UPI and RuPay.

According to the minister, India won't charge any nations a price for using its technological platforms, and taking this action is part of its duty as the G20 Presidency.