Report: Goa has the lowest alcohol prices, with Karnataka topping the rate chart

Goa, which is often praised for its immaculate beaches, also lives up to its reputation as the most reasonably priced vacation spot for drinkers. According to a recent survey, the state has India’s lowest liquor taxes, which results in much reduced costs when compared to other states like Karnataka and irctc provides special flight fare discounts verify eligibility download 2023 09 2

A study found that a bottle of liquor that costs Rs 100 in Goa may cost up to Rs 134 in Delhi and a startling Rs 513 in Karnataka, the state with the highest taxes among the country’s main markets.

According to the research, which was based on a survey by the International Spirits and Wines Association of India, even though Goa’s taxes are 49% of the maximum retail price, they are still far lower than the onerous 83% and hefty 71% levied by Karnataka and Maharashtra, respectively.

A large price difference of more than 20% for prominent Scotch brands exists between Delhi and Mumbai as a result of different municipal taxes. As an example, a bottle of Black Label that costs around Rs 3,100 in Delhi is worth about Rs 4,000 in Mumbai.

The research emphasized that these tax rate differences are also a factor in the illegal trafficking of alcohol over state lines.

Alcohol and gasoline remain exempt from the products and Services Tax (GST), unlike the majority of products and services, leading to a maze of various levies and tax rates throughout the nation.


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