Research Shows That 95% of Indians Prefer Credit Cards for International Travel

Travel locations such as Australia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Canada continue to be the top choices for Indian customers. International card use is still primarily driven by a number of services, including travel miles, cashback, incentives, high acceptance, foreign currency rates, and large spending limits, according to a recent study.

Indian travel habits were recorded in the “Global Travel Intentions Study 2023” conducted by Visa, a multinational provider of digital payment services. Results from a worldwide survey conducted by 4SiGHT Research & Analytics were included in the report.

According to the report, in order to ensure a smooth travel experience, 95% of Indian travelers plan to utilize credit cards while visiting other countries. When traveling abroad, 99% of travelers prefer to use cards—debit, credit, and prepaid cards included.

According to the survey, the sector’s main drivers are experience travel, sustainability, and infrastructure. 86% of people have a strong interest in eco-friendly and sustainable travel choices, and 60% actively seek them out.

Following are some notable developments in the travel and tourism sector as reported by Visa’s GTI study:

The importance of infrastructure is felt by 65% of people.

43% of respondents said that visiting places with a focus on sustainability would motivate them to travel responsibly.

When selecting a vacation, 75% of people give the social environment—which includes safety and acceptable environmental practices—priority. 73% of people anticipate engaging with local culture

When it comes to lodging options, 86% of travelers choose hotels, 30% prefer bed & breakfasts, and 24% prefer hostels.

70% of travelers base their decision on the leisure activities that are offered, such as local cuisine and eating alternatives (26%), shopping possibilities (27%), and entertainment and activities (35%).

Unwinding has been the primary reason for travel (26%), and it will continue to be the major reason (51%) for the subsequent trip.

“It’s evident that cards are consistently simplifying cross-border transactions, emerging as the preferred choice for consumers seeking to amplify their overall travel experience, particularly for those journeying outbound from India,” stated Sridhar Keppurengan, business head of cross-border payments, Visa India & South Asia. Customers expect secure, safe travel experiences more and more in place of laborious processes. The ease of the broadest worldwide acceptance and the security provided by a card from a reputable brand continue to be crucial, successfully eliminating the difficulties involved in carrying and exchanging foreign cash.

For more than 10 years, Visa has conducted the Global Travel Intentions (GTI) research every two years. Together with a comprehensive knowledge of travel and payment behaviors, the research gives Visa and its partners a clear picture of new developments in the travel industry.

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