Tata electricity-DDL reports that North Delhi’s summer peak electricity consumption was 2035 MW

The power company that supplies energy to 7 million people in North Delhi, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL), said that it has reached the peak power demand of 2035 MW. This is the highest for this season in its region of operations, the business said. Tata Power-DDL has negotiated power purchase agreements of up to 2500 MW, in addition to contingency measures, via long-term and short-term arrangements, in anticipation of the peak power demand in its region of operations reaching a high of 2351 MW this summer.


This year, Delhi’s peak electricity consumption is anticipated to reach 8,000 MW. The highest power at Tata Power-DDL’s operational region on May 23 of last year was 2012 MW. Additionally, according to IMD’s forecasts, the city’s temperature is expected to climb over the following several days, and if it does so further, the agency may issue a yellow notice. It was predicted by the IMD on Thursday that the city will likely see “severe heatwave conditions” over the weekend, which would be the first heatwave of the year.

According to a company representative, “Tata Power-DDL successfully met the summer peak demand on May 16 at 1982 MW and 2035 MW, the highest requirement so far in this summer season, ensuring uninterrupted power supply without any network constraints and power outages.” This was in spite of the ongoing hot spell that is affecting the capital. We are able to smoothly satisfy the expanding needs thanks to Tata Power-DDL’s conscientious advance planning, use of contemporary technology, including sophisticated load forecasting, statistical modeling approaches, and Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Tata Power and the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi have partnered to form Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited. In North Delhi, Tata Power-DDL provides energy to a population of seven million people.



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