Text Editor and New Fonts Are Upcoming WhatsApp Features

Text Editor and New Fonts Are Upcoming WhatsApp Features

In the near future, WhatsApp plans to add additional features to provide users with a better experience. The platform is developing additional features to enhance the app experience for users. This year, WhatsApp is anticipated to release a new text editor, new typefaces, and other improvements. In order to enhance its customers' experience with instant messaging, WhatsApp is planned to include a number of new features, such as a camera switch, the possibility to communicate in high resolution, an increased word limit for group topics, and more.

According to WAbetainfo reports, WhatsApp is creating new capabilities for its users on Android, iOS, and the web. Notably, these newest features are presently being worked on or tested, and it is anticipated that they will be made available to all users in next releases.

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Images of excellent quality: WhatsApp plans to add a new setting button to the drawing tool header that will let users change the picture quality. Users will be able to transmit photographs in their original quality using this new functionality. According to rumors, this new function is being worked on and might appear in next upgrades of the instant messaging program.

Longer descriptions: The character limit for group topics and descriptions has been increased in WhatsApp's most recent beta version for Android users. Prior to this, WhatsApp group topic writing was limited to 25 characters. The users will soon have access to up to 100 words, however.

Text Editor: According to WhatsApp, a new text editor is being developed for the drawing tool. Wabetainfo said that the platform, which is owned by meta, is updating its text editor and will soon provide additional tools to let users alter their writing before transmitting.

WhatsApp intends to include three new functions in the sketching tool in the new text editor. The features allow for rapid switching between various fonts by touching the font selections above the keyboard and text alignment changes (left, center, right).

WhatsApp is trying to include additional typefaces in the updated text editor. Users will be able to add text with various fonts and alter the text already in pictures, videos, and GIFs with this functionality. In its text editor, WhatsApp is reportedly intending to include the typefaces Calistoga, Courier Prime, Damion, Exo 2, and Morning Breeze.