The astounding amount of iPhones sold has helped Apple earn Rs 13699752 crore in the previous ten years

Sales of Apple iPhones are said to have contributed to the company’s staggering Rs 13699752 crore in revenue during the previous ten years. Apple delivered more than 2.3 billion Apple iPhones over the course of the previous ten years, according to a research by By contrast, during this same time, 800 million more smartphones were supplied by Samsung, its main competitor.

With 235 million iPhones supplied globally last year and 35% of consumers owning one, the tech giant achieved record-breaking cumulative sales income. In 2023, Apple’s iPhone surpassed all other smartphones in terms of use worldwide. Apple’s sales units increased by 53% in only ten years, from 153.4 million in 2013 to 235 million in 2023, according to statistics provided by

The article said that “the iPhone has been a crucial product for Apple since its introduction to the market in 2007, with its share in the company’s revenue constantly growing.”

About 25% of Apple’s total revenue in the first quarter of FY 2009 came from sales of iPhones. In the first quarter of FY 2024, this number shot up to 58%.

The official corporate statistics and Statista both show that over the last ten years, iPhone yearly sales income has almost quadrupled.

Sales of iPhones brought in $101.9 billion for the tech behemoth in FY 2014. This amount rose to $166.2 billion four years later, according to the research.

“iPhone sales jumped by nearly 40% year-over-year and hit $191.9 billion in FY 2021 after a significant revenue drop in FY 2019 and FY 2020, when consumers worldwide cut their spending budgets amid the pandemic,” the statement said.

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