The EV charging network of Tata Power spans 10 billion green kilometers

New Delhi: Tata Power said on Monday that it has powered 10 crore (100 million) green kilometers nationwide, including public, semi-public, bus/fleet, and residential charger sectors. This makes it the nation’s first supplier of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

In order to meet the government’s goal of one crore annual EV sales by 2030, Tata Power has established an EV charging network that covers 530 cities and villages.

“Tata Power has expanded its network under the name of EZ Charge to over 86,000 home chargers, more than 5,300 public, semi-public, and fleet charging points, along with over 850 bus charging stations across 530 cities and towns,” according to the business.

“These chargers have been strategically deployed at diverse and accessible locations such as highways, hotels, malls, hospitals, offices, residential complexes, etc.”.

Industry projections state that by 2030, India will have sold one crore electric vehicles annually.

Tata Power is guaranteeing tech-enabled customer-centric solutions, such as the RFID card that allows consumers to tap.charge.go by making wireless payments, in response to the spike in demand for EVs and an EV charging infrastructure, the firm said.

The company’s commitment to zero-emission transportation has earned it the coveted “Shoonya Infrastructure Champion” title.

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