The Meaning of PM Modi Joining WhatsApp Channels and How to Join

The messaging software WhatsApp has a feature called WhatsApp Channels, according to the most current upgrades, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi just jumped on board.

Social media is nothing new to PM Modi, especially on X (formerly known as Twitter). The Bharatiya Janata Party’s desire to use all platforms to keep in touch with the people in the lead-up to the Lok Sabha elections next year is shown by his decision to join WhatsApp Channels. The day when Parliament’s business moved to the new Parliament building also happened to be an important event.

So, here’s how to join PM Modi’s WhatsApp channel if you’re interested:

Open WhatsApp on your iOS or Android smartphone, then choose the Updates tab.

Make the “Find Channel” option your choice, then look for “Narendra Modi.”

PM Modi’s channel will be visible and available for you to follow.

According to Meta, WhatsApp Channels have a few standout features:

Enhanced Directory: Users can quickly find channels to subscribe to thanks to intelligent location-based filtering. Users may also browse channels that are recently created, very active, or very well-liked, as determined by the quantity of followers.

Emojis may be used to convey your feelings and help you keep track of the overall number of responses. You may be confident that other followers will never see your responses.

When you send an Update to your chats or groups, a link back to the channel is included, making it simple for users to find out more.


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