The October 30th Apple “Scary Fast” event: when, where, and what to expect

Apple has planned several launch events for 2023; the next one will likely focus on Macs and the upcoming M3 chipset. September saw the release of the new iPhone 15 series, and it’s possible that the corporation may release the new Macs before year’s end. Apple has officially announced that this week’s Scary Fast event will take place at a timing that is very un-Apple. As a result, individuals from all over the globe will be able to watch the live event at varying times, with some even planning to attend the next day.


The Apple Scary Fast event will take place virtually and be broadcast live on the Apple Events website starting at 5 PM PT on October 31. For those viewing from India, this means that the event will begin at 5:30 AM on that day. For all the updates from the live event, you can also watch Apple’s YouTube website. Additionally, Apple offers a reminder tool on its social media accounts, allowing you to get a ping from the business on the day of the event.


A product teaser on Apple’s website seems to have verified the business’s presence at the event, confirming rumors that the company would be presenting new Macs. The Finder symbol in the trailer almost assures that this is a Mac-only event.

Having said that, Apple is probably going to release a new iMac model soon since it is past time for an update, and it may be powered by the new M3 chip. With its M2 processors, Apple has shown that it is already miles ahead of the competition, and it now wants to advance the technology even farther.

According to reports, Apple may unveil the whole family of M3 chips, which should include the M3 Pro and M3 Max variations. Although it’s unclear whether the MacBooks will sample the new CPUs as well, it’s expected that Apple will unveil one or maybe two MacBook updates during the event.

We don’t anticipate seeing any new MacBook Pro models or iPads during the event. It’s probable that all of them will be on display during a gathering early in 2019.


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