The Reason Why These ‘Special Edition’ iPhone 15 Pro Models Cost Over Six Lakh

Caviar is attempting to boost the pace by selling new’special edition’ iPhone 15 Pro units, which cost more than Rs 6 lakh. Apple’s iPhone 15 series is scheduled to go on sale on September 22 later this month, and although the new versions are already pricey and may strain anyone’s pocketbook, Caviar is trying to up the ante.

These limited-edition versions don’t affect functioning and are solely concerned with appearance. Caviar has created these limited editions using materials like gold, aviation-grade titanium, and carbon composite to achieve their distinctive aiims ini cet january 2024 registrations launch at aiimsexams ac in images 2023 09

Caviar has unveiled a total of five new limited-edition smartphones under the ‘Rich Colours’ brand, including Titan Black, Ultra Black, Dark Red, Starry Night, and Ultra Gold.

For those who are not aware with Caviar, it is a firm with headquarters in Dubai that is renowned for creating personalized phones out of expensive materials.

The ridiculous pricing of the Caviar iPhone 15 Ultra Gold version starts at $8890 (about Rs 7.3 lakhs) for the 128GB device and rises to $9890 for the 1TB model. The starting prices for the iPhone 15 Titan Black are $7410 (about Rs 6.1 lakh), the iPhone 15 Ultra Black is $8060 (roughly Rs 6.7 lakh), and the starting prices for the iPhone 15 Pro Starry Night and Dark Red are $7340 (roughly Rs 6 lakh).

When Apple did not issue a new red iPhone 15, as many Apple fans had anticipated, Caviar said, “Caviar has fixed the situation by making the custom deep red chassis of forged carbon in dark red colour taken from Lamborghini sports car production.” Additionally, the Apple logo on the black logo variant is composed of black nacre.

In addition, Caviar noted that this time around, Apple did not provide a gold version of the iPhone 15 Pro. For this reason, the Dubai-based company is now selling the iPhone 15 Ultra Gold, which has an 18K gold-plated chassis and satin finishing.”The central Apple logo is crafted from 24K solid gold. For the chosen—celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other elite representatives—this is a very expensive technology, Caviar added.

The basic iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple are priced at $999 and $1199, respectively, to give you some context. Therefore, Caviar’s bespoke choices serve those who appreciate uniqueness and want the best materials in their cellphones. However, the titanium provided by the ordinary models ought to be more than adequate for the typical customer.


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