The Team Falcons Chief explains the process of preparing for important esports competitions

Esports as a whole have seen exponential growth, going from Asian Games inclusion to multi-million dollar prize pools at competitions like Gamers8. A career in it requires severe dedication from the players themselves, despite the fact that it seems glamorous from the outside (which it is).They adhere to rigid schedules, must spend a lot of time away from friends and family, and most importantly, they follow a training regimen, much as a sports player shubman gill and shardul thakur did not play in the third one day international be

As a result, we spoke with Mossad ‘MsDossary’ Al Dossary, the co-founder and Chairman of Falcons esports, to dispel some of the most widespread misunderstandings about esports and what it takes to play at one’s best.

News18 Tech: So, describe the process an esports participant goes through in order to be ready for a significant esports event like Gamers8 or the Asian Games.

Esports athletes often have high expectations from the general public and supporters, making their jobs challenging. However, it relies on each player’s level of experience, and the correct individuals must support the team’s players, including management, the coach, and even the players’ circle.

Tech News 18: How long do these players practice? Consider getting ready for Rocket League or Fortnite.

This year’s final game at Gamers8 was Rocket League, and Team Falcons had to spend weeks away from home. Moreover, they trained for five to six hours each day. The gamers experience a lot as a result, and naturally, they want to do more and more.

They rehearse for 5 to 6 hours, sometimes not even that much. So, absolutely, players have to put in a lot of work to be ready for big events.

Tech News 18: The idea that esports are less physically demanding than conventional sports is a popular one. Do you think this is false?

It’s incorrect, in my opinion, and anybody who has worked in the esports sector is aware of how things really are.

News18Tech: In relation to India, what are your opinions on the nation’s emerging video game and esports creators?

Given the huge amount of individuals interested in esports and gaming, I believe that Team Falcons wants to represent India and explore the prospects it offers. We absolutely want to do more, and we’re eager to support the nation’s emerging talent.


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