There will be a big change in Aadhaar, biometrics details will be updated every 10 years

There will be a big change in Aadhaar, biometrics details will be updated every 10 years

Preparations have started to increase the scope of the Aadhaar. For this, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the government agency of Aadhaar, has asked the states to increase the scope of Aadhaar in government work so that the wastage of government money can be stopped. According to the plan, the use of Aadhaar authentication will be increased in government schemes in the states. Its purpose is to exclude duplicate and fake beneficiaries from the purview of the scheme.

To expedite this work, UIDAI is giving maximum training related to Aadhaar to the employees of the states. As per the plan, UIDAI will also start updating its biometrics, demographic details, etc. once in 10 years for the people. According to the UIDAI, every 10 years a person will be able to update the biometrics and demographic details of his choice. This is not a rule yet. As per the existing rules, children in the age group of 5 to 15 years are allowed to update their biometrics data.

biometrics update
For children below the age of 5 years, the child's Aadhaar is generated in which their photograph is attached and the biometrics details of the parent or guardian are entered. When the child turns 15, his biometrics are updated. In this fingerprint and iris scan etc. are taken. For this update, one has to visit the Aadhaar Permanent Enrollment Center. Name and address etc. are also updated in this sequence. If you want, you can get the information of the Aadhaar Enrollment Center from the website of UIDAI based on your state and postal code.

how to secure biometrics
UIDAI recommends locking Aadhaar to prevent misuse. This is a special feature in which the Aadhaar number can be temporarily locked and unlocked. With this, the cardholder's biometrics data remains secure and confidentiality is maintained. If a person wants, he can easily unlock his Aadhaar before authentication. Let's know how you can lock-unlock Aadhaar.

To lock or unlock Aadhaar, visit the UIDAI website and select Lock/Unlock Biometrics in Aadhaar Services.
Now enter your Aadhar or VID number and give OTP request.
After entering the OTP, click on 'Enable'. OTP will be received on your registered mobile number.

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