This week, Twitter may break its all-time user-screentime record: Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, said on Tuesday that “cumulative user-seconds per day of phone screentime” may “hit an all-time record” this week.

Don’t want to leave you hanging on a thread, but Twitter, you truly outdid yourself!, said Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino. We saw our highest use day last week since February. Only ONE Twitter exists. You are aware of it. I am aware of this week twitter may break its all time user screentime record elon musk download 2023 07 11t205107.037

The cumulative user-seconds per day of phone screen time, as recorded by iOS & Android, is the toughest to game, Musk said in response. This week, I believe we might break a record.

Musk also commented on the idea, saying, “Watching pic in pic video while scrolling this platform is great.”

He said on Monday that this app will make you laugh more than all other sources put together.

CEO of IT service management firm Cloudflare Matthew Prince posted a graph on Sunday showing Twitter’s falling DNS ranking since January.

We’re often mimicked, but the Twitter community can never be replaced, Yaccarino remarked last week after Meta debuted its Twitter competitor ‘Threads’.

On July 5, Meta released Threads for iOS and Android users in 100 countries. It is now one of the most popular free applications on the App Store.

Threads hit 100 million user sign-ups over the weekend, according to Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who made the announcement on Monday. That is mostly a result of organic demand, and we haven’t even activated many promos. I can’t believe just five days have passed.



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