To increase young Indians’ financial literacy, Angel One develops Fin One

Angel One Ltd., a well-known fintech brokerage in India, has announced the launch of Fin One, a digital-first program aimed at revolutionizing a billion Indians’ financial literacy.


Fin One combines fun and engagement to enable young Indians to become resilient investors and make wise financial choices. Young Indians are entering the market at this time, particularly Gen-Z and millennials, and it’s critical that they understand the benefits of investing early, the need to remain in the market for the long run, the dangers involved, and how to maximize returns. According to Angel One, Fin One is a movement aimed at making finance hip, interesting, and very entertaining rather than merely a social identity.

Fin One plans to improve its services for customers of the future generation in order to further Angel One’s goal of raising financial literacy. This calculated action demonstrates Angel One’s dedication to satisfying the changing demands of younger investors—Gen Z and Millennials in particular, who are demonstrating an increasing interest in capital market goods.

Fin One has been instrumental in creating material especially for Hindi-speaking customers in tier III, IV, and higher Indian cities. It is believed that this alignment would enhance financial management and customer comprehension. With about 23.0 million customers under its belt, Angel One’s strategic foray into service expansion with Fin One is aimed at meeting the demands of contemporary Indian youth in particular.

“Imagine if your finance class was as engaging as your favorite meme page,” said Paarth Dhar, vice president of Angel One. Fin One is that. Our goal is to infuse pleasure and enjoyment into the way young people in India relate to money, shifting the focus away from statistics.

According to Mintel’s most recent research, 91% of India’s Gen Z (those who will be 18 to 26 in 2023) are already making plans for the future, with a focus on wise savings for aspirational goals like houses, fancy cars, and travel. Fin One is poised to become their go-to expert, translating complex financial terminology into simple, everyday language. Fin One intends to give entertainment material with a combination of insight and humor, interactive quizzes, and challenges that make learning about finance as addictive as scrolling through the feed, according to DataReportal, which states that 29% of India’s population falls inside the target age group of 18-35.

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