Travel to Europe became more costly; the cost of a Schengen visa was up by 12%

May 21, New Delhi, India: Effective June 11, the European Commission has announced a worldwide rise in the cost of a short-stay Schengen visa. Travelers who want to visit Europe may find that the cost of Schengen visas (visa type C) increases by 12% as a result of this decision.

Adult candidates will now pay Euro 90 instead of Euro 80 under the revised price schedule. The charge will go from Euro 40 to Euro 45 for youngsters six years old and under. This increase is applicable to all international visa applications.

Tourism to 27 European nations, including well-known tourism hubs like France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, is permitted with a Schengen visa.

The price change is intended to be in line with the rising expenses associated with obtaining visas and preserving Schengen area security.

The adult visa price was raised from Euro 60 to Euro 80 in February 2020, marking the most recent fee modification. The European Commission used inflation and the need to pay for the administrative expenses of obtaining a visa—which include background checks, data processing, and upkeep of secure entry systems—to justify the most recent increase.

The new charge is set at Euro 90 for adults and Euro 45 for children under the age of twelve. These hikes are part of a larger initiative to provide sufficient funding for security measures and the processing of visas.

Candidates from Cabo Verde will pay Euro 60, while those from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus will pay Euro 35.

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