Using an iPhone to promote posts on Instagram and Facebook? It’s possible that you’ll have to pay more

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta Platforms, has stated that businesses will now have to pay extra for the “boost” option for their postings from the iPhone versions of the firm’s social network applications. The additional expense will be paid to Apple, the company that runs the App Store, as a 30% service fee.

The social media behemoth headed by Mark Zuckerberg said that if marketers use a browser to promote their content on Facebook and Instagram, they would be able to avoid Apple’s service fees.
How will the promoted posts alter and what are they?
Businesses and individuals wishing to promote their post or profile on Facebook or Instagram may purchase Meta’s boosted posts offering. With the use of this advertising solution, companies may purchase and produce advertisements for the company’s platforms without needing to launch an Ads Manager campaign.
Apple released the revised App Store policies in 2022. Advertisers that use iPhones to enhance postings will now get billing from Apple rather than Meta.
According to the corporation, users of its iOS applications who want to boost posts will now have to add prepaid cash and make a payment before their boosted articles are published. In order to pay Apple’s transaction fee for preloading cash in iOS, Meta will now charge an additional 30%.
According to Meta, the adjustments will be put into effect in the US this month. Later in the year, the corporation stated that same price would also apply to other markets.
The business released a statement stating: “We have to follow Apple’s restrictions or take boosted content out of our applications. We don’t want to delete the boost function since doing so would affect small companies by decreasing the feature’s discoverability and perhaps depriving them of a useful means of promoting their brands.

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