What Is the Google Studio Bot AI, Which Is Now Available In India And 170 Other Regions?

Studio Bot, Google’s AI-powered coding helper, is now accessible in India and a number of other nations. Studio Bot, which was first made available to American Android developers in May, is now available to developers in more than 170 nations and mainly supports the English language.

Google Studio Bot: What Is It?
With Studio Bot, developers may create code, fix mistakes, and get assistance with Android development-related queries. It offers a conversational environment inside Android Studio that enables developers to pose questions in straightforward English.

According to Google, developers should properly test and examine code for any mistakes, defects, and security threats before relying on Studio Bot. They should also cross-verify its replies.

This AI-powered solution, which is built on a sizable language model named Codey, was trained exclusively for coding tasks. Studio Bot provides capabilities like one-click actions and access to relevant documentation while seamlessly integrating into the Android Studio IDE.

However, regions like Europe are now unable to access Google Studio Bot. Due to reportedly stricter privacy rules and restrictions in Europe, Google has a history of introducing new services there. It also occurred with the Bard AI chatbot, which was first banned from the EU when it was created but was eventually accepted by the nations thanks to Google.

In the meanwhile, Google is seeking additional testers to help map the missing roads on Google Maps using Road Mapper. The business already has a staff that mapped the roads, and it intends to grow it to improve the user experience.

“Their efforts have really improved people’s lives all across the globe. We’re pleased to inform you that we are now inviting new contributors to assist us in enhancing our maps, the company said.

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