Will your Club Vistara CV points be still valid once the Air India-Vistara merger is closed? That’s all there is to it

If you are a regular flier with Club Vistara, you may be wondering what will happen to your CV points when Vistara and Air India unite.


Singapore Airlines and Tata Group, which also controls Air India, have partnered to form Vistara.

Club Vistara updated its subscribers on the merger of its “frequent flyer” program with Air India’s “Flying Returns” program.

Will the Club Vistara program continue once Vistara and Air India merge?

Users were also notified that the Club Vistara program would continue until the merger is finalized. It is anticipated that Vistara and Air India would combine by the end of this year, subject to a few regulatory clearances.

“Air India and Vistara are still integrating while we wait for certain regulatory permissions. Club Vistara will merge with Air India’s Flying Returns as we strive towards a greater, combined airline. Club Vistara will be in operation till the merger is finished. Your Club Vistara account will be moved to Air India’s Flying Returns after the integration process is finished, the company informed users.

It further said that Vistara would soon merge with Air India, the bigger airline owned by the Tata Group, giving you access to a larger fleet and a more extensive worldwide network.

Advantages of Club Vistara membership after the migration:

Your tier status will be determined by adding up the points from the two programs. If you meet the requirements based on your cumulative points, you will be able to keep your current Club Vistara tier status or even be promoted. According to the change, “Flying Returns’ rules will be applicable going forward.”

The available Tier Points in your account and the balance of CV Points will be transferred to the Flying Returns program at a 1:1 ratio on the day of migration. Even if the points are scheduled to expire earlier, they will still be valid for at least a year after the date of migration.

All subsequent reservations will be moved, and after the migration, you and your designees will get the updated flight information.

Following the migration, any modifications to the current reservations will follow Flying Returns’ policies.

“With the remaining validity, all valid but unused One-Class Upgrade and Complimentary Flight Ticket certificates will be converted to Flying Returns. The relevant program regulations will apply to the use, according to Club Vistara. It also said that information on Club Vistara Co-brand Cards would be released in the next weeks.

“Your personal information related to your membership will be assessed as part of the integration process on our end by authorised representatives, who will uphold the strictest confidentiality throughout this process.”

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