A dance off between Jackson Wang and Hrithik Roshan would be the stuff of dreams, according to social media

A dance off between Jackson Wang and Hrithik Roshan would be the stuff of dreams, according to social media

Jackson Wang, a K-pop sensation who recently played at the Lollapalooza music festival in India, met Hrithik Roshan there. Along with his parents, Pinky Roshan and Rakesh Roshan, the actor presented the singing phenomenon.

Rakesh Roshan, the father of Hrithik Roshan and a director, posted a beautiful photo from their meeting with Jackson Wang on his social media accounts and referred to it as "an unbelievable night." His Instagram image included the following caption: "Elated hosting MagicMan @jacksonwang852g7.... It was a really amazing evening to meet this young, talented, modest, and down to earth guy.

Many social media users responded to the post's comments section on Hrithik Roshan and Jackson Wang's meeting. A Hrithik and Jackson dance off would be the stuff of fantasies, a commenter said. "His was so unexpected, but I am very pleased to see this," read another remark.

Does this really exist? On Rakesh Roshan's Instagram post, a user commented, "My favourite Idol is meeting up wid my favourite bollywood actor/dancer???" Another user wrote, "I hope he had a good time in India, I hope he visits us again in his world tour, I manifest I attend that concert..i love you Jackson Wang u are an amazing person."

Pinky Roshan, Hrithik Roshan's mother, also shared a number of photos from the family's meeting with Jackson Wang on Instagram with the caption, "An incredible evening with @jacksonwang852g7." What a brilliant little child with culture and roots! Being kind, loving, respectful, humble, anchored, and grounded all in one individual is quite uncommon. The connection happened instantly, and magic was everywhere. Jackson, God bless you. We welcome you into our family. He was very pleased to take a photo with our housekeeper. ALL MIND... @jacksonwang852g7 is ALL about that.

Jackson Wang also shared a black and white photo of himself and Hrithik Roshan's family on his Instagram stories. The Korean superstar flew into India on Saturday night to take part in Lollapalooza, one of the oldest music festivals in the world.