A star who was previously greater than Shah Rukh, Salman, and Akshay delivered a blockbuster film 24 then 25 straight failures and lost all of his money

Bollywood has been essentially governed by the Khan family for more than thirty years. Salman and Aamir have been the highest-grossing and most successful performers in the Hindi cinema business ever since they made their breakthrough in the late 1980s, and Shah Rukh followed suit a few years later. Probably only Akshay Kumar has matched their level of success. However, in the beginning of their careers, there was one actor who was seen as more significant than the others, almost as the next big thing. But suddenly, without warning, he lost his way.

The actor who used to be more famous than the Khans

Rahul Roy was Akshay Kumar’s and the Khans’ contemporaries. The actor started his career in movies in 1990, a few years before Shah Rukh and Akshay and shortly after Aamir and Salman made their screen debuts. His first motion picture, the musical sensation Aashiqui, was a true blockbuster. Because of the movie’s popularity, Rahul Roy—who is barely 24 years old—was hailed as Bollywood’s next big thing. The actor starred in several critically praised and commercially successful movies throughout the following three years, including Gumrah, Junoon, and Pyaar Ka Saaya. He was largely considered the most well-known young actor in Bollywood by 1993.

How the career of Rahul Roy collapsed

Rahul suffered several setbacks in between his career’s apex, Aashiqui, and Gumrah. At the box office, movies like Bhookamp, Janam, and Baarish did not do well. He was still a financially viable name, however, with three singles. It was a very different story after 1993. Rahul starred in eight unsuccessful box office-flops within the following seven years. He took a break from acting and went back in 2005, giving 12 more failures until the 2020 release of Sayonee, which ended his terrible run of performances. In the last 30 years, Rahul has delivered 20 flops in a row (and 25 in total).

Rahul Roy’s health problems and financial difficulties

Rahul Roy had a cerebral stroke in 2020 while shooting LAC. The actor needed to spend many weeks in the hospital receiving therapy. In later interviews, the actor said that Salman Khan had truly assisted him with covering the cost of his medical care since he was unable to pay for it himself. After recovering, the Mumbai-born actor hopes to make a comeback to the big screen.

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