According to Nancy Tyagi, doing “something special” for Sonam Kapoor would be “amazing.”

Mumbai, 21 May Fashion icon Nancy Tyagi, who gained popularity on social media, expressed her admiration for Bollywood designer Sonam Kapoor and urged her to build “something special” for her.

On her Instagram stories, Sonam posted a video of Nancy attending the 77th Cannes Film Festival, complimenting her on the many ensembles she wore. “Best outfit in Cannes…make me something Nancy Tyagi,” was what she had written.

“Thank you so much Sonam Kapoor,” the content creator tweeted in response to the actress on Tuesday. One day, it would be wonderful to make something unique for you.

Nancy is the first artist to create her own costume and walk the red carpet, making her debut at the esteemed Cannes Film Festival.

Nancy, who was born and reared in the impoverished Baranwa hamlet in the Baghpat area of Uttar Pradesh, meticulously designed every element of her dress, from conception to completion.

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