According to Raghu Dixit, his new song “Shakkarpari” uses sugar as a metaphor

Raghu Dixit, a singer and composer, said that the song “Shakkarpari,” the first single from his album “Shakkar,” was inspired by his therapy sessions and uses sugar as a symbol for happiness.

Raghu worked with multiple Grammy-winning banjo icons, including Bela Fleck, on this song. The song is about a girl who robs the market of its sweets and gives them to individuals who have never experienced sweetness.

Speaking about the song, Raghu stated, “Sharing pleasure can only cause one’s own happiness to increase. Sugar is a symbol for happiness. It’s about treating others who are going through difficult times in life with kindness, respect, and consideration. The inspiration to compose a song about “Shakkarpari” originated in my counseling sessions.

The artist said that his therapist advised him to meet others who are less fortunate while he dealt with the difficulties and gloom in his own life.

He went on to say, “I was inspired to dedicate myself to doing at least one kind act every day for a complete stranger. I saw that as I made an effort to put this into practice, I was gradually emerging from my own darkness, grinning more, and being generally joyful all the time. In a similar vein, a great deal of people—many of them total strangers—entered my life and supported me throughout trying times.”

There are Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi versions of the song. Neeraj Rajawat, a friend of his, grabbed the concept and composed the song’s words.

With great pleasure, I present to my fans ‘Shakkar’, my first song. I hope that listeners of many languages and cultures may relate to the music on this album, which has a particular place in my heart. It’s been a labor of love, and I can’t wait for everyone to encounter “Shakkar’s” enchantment,” he said.


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