Actor Refers To Manjummel Boys Team’s Meeting With Kamal Haasan as the “Climax Of The Film”

On February 22, the Malayalam film Manjummel Boys was released, and Tamil Nadu has been praising it ever since. At the box office, the film has been a big hit.

The inclusion of the song Kanmani Anbodu Valantha, which the Tamil audience could identify with, in Kamal Haasan’s 1991 psychological thriller Gunaa may be one of the probable explanations for this. Both reviewers and audiences have praised the film highly for its technical achievements, acting, writing, and directing. The director referred to the team’s recent encounter with Kamal Haasan as the “climax of Manjummel Boys.”

At his office in Chennai on February 28, Kamal Haasan had a meeting with the Manjummel Boys team. He engaged in conversation with the director and the actors, offering his opinions on the film. He took a picture with the squad as well. He added, “And here comes the climax of Manjummel Boys,” as a charming caption.

In an interview with Filmibeat, filmmaker Chidambara S. Poduval described his encounter with Kamal Haasan as a “unbelievable moment.” “There is no ‘Manjummel Boys’ without Kamal Haasan or ‘Guna,'” he said. This is the movie’s greatest triumph. He was very appreciative of the appreciation the Tamil audience had shown for his film. The filmmaker said that Tamil Nadu’s support is “brilliant” and “more than Kerala.” Though Kerala does support him, he is enamored by Tamil Nadu’s vibrancy. He said that he will see the film with everyone in attendance.

Before the Manjummel Boys opened in theaters, Chidambaram revealed his admiration for Kamal Haasan in a press release. Referring to the actor as a “brilliant director,” he said that he has been much affected by the superstar’s Virumaandi. He praised the work done in 1991 to create Gunaa.

“There are many technologies like LED lights and lightweight batteries today,” he said. Filmmaking has thus become simpler. We still couldn’t film there, however. I’m not sure how Kamal managed to lift the large light and generator in the 1980s to such an altitude and carry such a large number of people. That too, for several scenes—including a song—rather than just one or two.

Chidambaram S. Poduval is the writer and director of Manjummel Boys. The actual facts of the 2006 incident in Kodaikanal Guna Cave serve as the basis for the survival drama. Arun Kurian, Khalid Rahman, Chandu Salimkumar, Vishnu Reghu, Lal Jr., Abhiram Radhakrishnan, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi S. Poduval, and Soubin Shahir are among the actors who feature in it.

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