Actor Siddharth Randeria claims that for Gujarati film to reach a larger audience, it needs a platform at IFFI 2023

Veteran actor Siddharth Randeria said on Thursday that in order for Gujarati film to reach a larger audience, it needs other venues like IFFI.theindiaprint.com actor siddharth randeria claims that for gujarati film to reach a larger audience

He was addressing during the press conference held in advance of today’s 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, which is the Gala Premiere of the movie “Hurry Om Hurry.”

“More venues like IFFI are needed for Gujarati film to reach more areas and individuals in our nation. The need for Gujarati cinema, according to Siddharth Randeria, is to shatter boundaries and appeal to a larger audience. They do this by creating films with unique narratives.

He said that it is crucial to raise awareness of the elegance of Gujarati cinema and the core of its engrossing narrative.

According to him, there has been a surge in Gujarati cinema production within the last two to three years.

Actor Raunaq Kamdar expressed his joy at the 54th IFFI’s “Hurry Om Hurry” premiere and said how, in recent years, the festival has provided an opportunity for many highly acclaimed Gujarati films, like “Hillaro,” to be seen by a wider audience.

Regarding the plot of the movie “Hurry Om Hurry,” director Nisarg Vaidya remarked that subtleties in the movie speak to the feelings and culture of the Gujarati population.

The goal is to establish a personal connection with the audience and tell a realistic tale. Every location is distinct because of its own culture. The film’s entertaining and amusing moments will keep viewers glued to the screen, according to Vaidya.

A movie about lifelong friends Om and Vini, whose lives take an unexpected turn when Vini chooses to ask Om to marry him. However, their once-promising relationship hits difficulties as Om starts to pull away, leaving Vini feeling deeply betrayed. When everything looks lost, an unusual meeting that has the power to change everything upends Om’s universe.


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