Actress Twinkle Arora discusses the fun times on set of her popular programme Udaariyaan

Actress Twinkle Arora discusses the fun times on set of her popular programme Udaariyaan

The audience for Udaariyaan is devoted. How has your time working on the programme been?

Indeed, it has a sizable and devoted following, and working in it has been both fun and difficult. While every day is a roller coaster, the support of the audience makes it worthwhile. I hope people keep appreciating my part and show.

Does your household watch this programme? How do they react to it?

My family enjoys watching Udaariyaan! They never skip an episode. Every time the programme airs, I get a call. My grandmother is quite immersed in it and always looks forward to viewing it. She often asks, "Hun ki houna?"

How is it doing working with Sargun Mehta and Ravie Dubey?

Amazing! Because of the team's collective creativity and energy, every day is different. This apartment now feels like a home thanks to Ravie sir and Sargun ma'am.

What do you believe has kept viewers glued to this show?

Our authors and creatives are, I must add, quite picky about quality. The youth-centered narrative has several exciting turns and surprises. Together with the audience, sometimes even we are left wondering what will occur next. The spectators have been riveted by the suspense.

Share any memorable scenes from the production.

On set, there are a lot of joyful moments. The best would be the whole team celebrating my birthday at three in the morning after the busiest shift.

One performs better when there is a positive mood on site.

Do you agree with that?

Definitely, I like how everyone always extends a cordial greeting to one another. A good morning sets the tone for a great day. Half of your issues are immediately handled if you have a welcoming work atmosphere.

What do you think about Punjabi television programmes becoming more and more popular?

That makes no difference since both Udaariyaan and the next programme Junooniyat will include a diverse range of cultural influences. So, regardless of cultural background, it's always about the narrative and how we're going to present it.