Admiring her recognition for her humanitarian work, Navya Nanda says, “My goal is to be recognised, but I come from a famous family.”

Many young girls look up to Navya Nanda as an inspiration since she is a young businesswoman and actively participates in social problems, particularly those that affect women. Through her podcast, “What the Hell, Navya,” Navya raises awareness about several issues, including women’s mental health, stereotypes, and obstacles they encounter.

Before we questioned Navya about the difficulties or prejudices she encountered before embarking on this trip, she said, “I wouldn’t call it a struggle,” in a recent interview with ETimes.

I’m very appreciative since my privilege has allowed me to accomplish a lot of what I do now. The simplicity, accessibility, and possibility allowed me to declare after graduation that I wanted to launch a company and make my dream come true. I owe a lot of it to my upbringing and the chances I was presented with.” Navya thus takes it seriously!
“For me, it’s about doing justice to these opportunities and not taking them lightly,” she continues. I am aware of and grateful for the fact that many of the chances I have are either stolen from someone else or are just not offered to someone else. It is my duty to make the most of it and do what’s best for everyone, not just myself.”

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