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After making her television debut in the 2012 series Phir Subah Hogi on Zee TV, Gulki Joshi rose to prominence as one of the most well-liked actors on the small screen and in theater. She has shown her flexibility as a performer, whether it is in the social drama Kaalchakra or the teleplay Purush by Zee Theatre starring Ashutosh Rana.

She has a significant part in Kaalchakra, a story in which a couple, dissatisfied with their children’s treatment of them, puts out a notice in the newspaper looking for adoptions. They get an answer, much to everyone’s amazement.

Kaalchakra, written by Jaywant Dalvi, whose play Sandhya Chhaya also explored a related subject, portrays a wide range of problems. “I believe that when children become adults, they should have their own life,” Gulki declares. Children must learn that being independent does not imply giving up on one’s family or heritage, and parents must know that they are not being abandoned. There must be a middle ground where people may all gather and engage in mature discourse.

She explains, “We talk about anything and everything under the sun,” using her own family as an example. Sometimes all we need to do is text one other to say “I miss you,” even when we are separated by great distances.

Speaking about her love of the theater, Gulki said, “I believe that theater is a much harder medium to work in than any other because you only get to do it once.” You don’t get a second chance, therefore the individual seated in the back row should hear your voice and see your emotions. It uses a great deal more energy. Most significantly, the live audience’s immediate response is addicting.

Gulki says, “Teleplays, I think, are a brilliant way of reintroducing our generation to theatre because it is forgetting about the power and beauty that theatre has.” In reference to teleplays like Kaalchakra that tackle often ignored themes.

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