Amitabh Bachchan Says He Is “Not Against Girls” and Offers Support For Women

The presenter of “Kaun Banega Crorepati 15,” megastar Amitabh Bachchan, has said openly that he would never be against females and that “women are our support system.”

Saswat Patnaik, an eighth-grade kid from Umerkote, Odisha, was invited to the hot seat by Big B in episode 78.

Speaking on Saswat’s report card, Amitabh stated: “The Boys-Girls Treaty is what he dislikes.” What’s that?”

The young competitor answered, “Sir, it has to do with my class. It’s an annoying issue, as you may know. I don’t even want to discuss it, sir. It really is a headache. Sir, a video on this subject exists. Permit me to play the video, please.”

Big B said, “You mean there is a video based on this?”

In the video, Saswat is heard stating, “Our class consists of two teams.” The boys’ squad is the first, while the girls’ team is the second.For eternity, the two teams have been at odds with each other. Peace is not what the girl’s squad want. They want turmoil. Adolescents fight like dogs and cats. In order to keep the peace, the girls’ monitor and I signed the “Boys-Girls Treaty.”

“I made it very plain in the treaty that you are free to supervise the females as you see fit; we won’t get involved in their affairs, and even the girls are not allowed to become involved in our problems.

Following the ratification of the pact, the females began to protest about us. It seemed like a betrayal. Our agreement was revoked. To keep things peaceful here, I’ll get Amitabh Bachchan to sign our pact. “Who wouldn’t pay attention to the Millennium Star?” he said.

“You made this treaty so that there is no fight between the girls and the boys,” the ‘Brahmastra’ actor said. “What comes next?”

Contestant: “I only have one request, sir. India as a whole listens to you, you are a superstar. I would want you to head our group, sir. Everyone in India would listen to you if you take the lead in our group, and these females are just like any other girls.”

: “How did you come to the conclusion that the entire India listens to me?”

A competitor said, “Audience! Live evidence, please, sir.” ‘Shahenshah’ of Bollywood was applauded by the crowd.

The 81-year-old actor: “I agree with your perspective that people shouldn’t quarrel. I wouldn’t say anything negative about the females if you wanted me to. With my hands folded, I tell you. Girls are not against me. And I never will be. Our support system consists of women. Are you aware of this?

Inform them that I gave them the order to negotiate a peace agreement. The Boys and Girls Treaty is outdated. Create a single agreement known as the Peace Treaty. The peace pact should be abided by by both parties, he continued.

Sony broadcasts “Kaun Banega Crorepati 15”.

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