Beef cost Steven Yeun and Ali Wong their lives

Beef cost Steven Yeun and Ali Wong their lives

In the Hollywood film "Beef," Steven Yeun and Ali Wong play two individuals embroiled in a road rage incident that goes awry and takes over their every waking hour.

Despite the fact that Yeun and Wong don't really have a fight with one another, their fury started to devour them outside of the show as well, only that in reality it manifested as hives, according to Variety.

The performers were questioned about how they managed to unwind after portraying such intense rage on set during a conversation that took place after the global premiere of "Beef" at South by Southwest.

Yeun stated, "Our bodies shut down.

"After the concert, both Steven and I had hives. I had my on my face. To the loud laughing of the crowd, A Wong said that his was all over his body since he is weak like that.

"We felt the effects of it, but we didn't even realise it until the concert was over. In fact, I'm not even going to bring up what happened to your elbow." As she proceeded, Variety reported: "We weren't aware that was going to happen, in my opinion. We may not have said yes if we had known what we would subject our bodies and brains to, but we are really happy that we did."

Yeun was reportedly among the first to hear the concept for "Beef," according to Jin: "We spoke for like three hours. Hey, I want to chat to you about this programme, is how conversations with Steven often begin, and three hours later we're asking, "Why is God the way he is?"" We got to play with something that we're not asked to on the surface, which is our shadow selves, and that's what intrigued me, "said Yeun. "Every character in this play is their shadow self, and we all have one. So it's nice to tap into it and be rewarded for it. Also, I want you to feel understood since this crap is widespread." -