Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra Is Upset by Munawar Faruqui’s “Hypocrite” Remark

With its captivating twists, the famous reality program Bigg Boss 17 has managed to keep fans captivated. The main attraction of the season is now the housemates’ shifting equations. Munawar Faruqui referred to Mannara Chopra as a hypocrite in the most recent episode. The response followed the captaincy nomination job, in which Team B was tasked with choosing the house captain. Mannara did not choose other competitors; instead, she presented her name after much brainstorming. The task’s supervisor, Munawar, referred to her as a hypocrite. The actress then adopted Isha Malviya’s name.

Bigg Boss and Mannara Chopra’s Interaction:

During her interaction with Bigg Boss, Mannara Chopra spoke about her sentiments for Munawar Faruqui. She also shared her opinions on Ayesha Khan, the wild card contender who joined the house. The stand-up comic has a special place in the actress’ heart, she said.

Munawar Faces Mannara:

Mannara leaves the confessional and walks out into the garden area, where Munawar meets her. Munawar attempts to explain his remarks about her being a hypocrite to her. However, Mannara advises him to spend out with his buddies rather than her.

“I called you a hypocrite because you changed your opinion,” Munawar Faruqui says to Mannara. You used Isha’s name when you were nominated. But Mannara clarifies that when Munawar labeled her a hypocrite, she had a change of heart. The latter claims that this is the point at which she erred by changing her mind.

Additionally, Mannara informs Munawar that she has never criticized him for his hypocrisy. In front of Ayesha, the two carry on their talk in the dressing room. There, Mannara kal confession chamber se aane ke baad wo change ho gayi hai, Munawar says Ayesha. I’m sorry, but ayesa huya hain wo badhi badhi baat ka. (Mannarra has evolved since returning from the confessional. I apologized to her before for the major problems, and I promise to resolve them.

Munawar Discusses Mannara With Abhishek:

Munawar approaches Abhishek Kumar and discusses the matter. He claims that the day before, he made an attempt to speak with Mannara about this. Abhishek is informed by Munawar that Mannara is not prepared to accept his apologies this time.

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